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Cakes by Ann - Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the sizes of the tiers on your wedding cakes

A. All of our wedding cakes are a standard size, just the same as you would find in any other High Street wedding cake shop.

Here's our size guide.

Two tiers - 8 & 10 inch cakes - approx 80-90 portions

Three tiers - 6, 8 & 10 inch cakes - approx 100-120 portions

Four tiers - 6, 8,10 & 12 inch cakes - approx 180-200 portions

Larger sizes available on request, contact us for details.

Q. What areas do you deliver to?

A.We deliver wedding cakes all over Central Scotland, we have a personal delivery service to ensure your wedding cake reaches you or your venue in perfect condition. We will also set up your wedding cake to display it to it's full potential at no extra charge.

Q. Do you supply cake bases or stands?

A. We can supply cake bases and stands free, subject to a £50 refundable deposit for bases and £75 for stands, this will be returned to you when the base or stand is returned to us undamaged. On the rare occasion that the stand you require is not available we will provide a suitable alternative.

Q. Can I have any tiers of my wedding cake made in sponge?

A. Your wedding cake can be all fruit, all sponge or a combination of both. Any sponge tiers can be plain, lemon, chocolate sponge or carrot cake.

We recommend that any sponge tiers be used on the day and not kept, we don't add any preservatives or additives to our freshly baked sponges, Sponge tiers will last seven days if kept in the right conditions.

Q. Do you create wedding figures?

A. Yes we do, we create personalised figures, but must be added to your wedding cake. Our figures are created from from sugar paste so that we can add them to your wedding cake.

Q. How long have you been creating wedding cakes?

A. For over twenty years, The first sixteen were for another employer where we also created celebration cakes and a lot of our designs can still be seen in Asda, Sainsbury's, M&S etc.

Q. I don't like certain ingredients in wedding cake, can some of these be left out?

A. Yes as our wedding fruit cakes are mixed individually and are not prepared mixes we can add or omit anything you do or do not like.

Q. How far in advance do I need to order a wedding cake?

A. We prefer at least three months notice for ordering a wedding cake which contains any fruit tiers, one months notice for all sponge tiers. We understand that sometimes people get let down by their cake decorator so we keep a supply for short notice orders also.

Q. Do I have to order one of the wedding cake designs from your web site?

A. Not at all, we pride ourselves on designing unique wedding cakes and can create the wedding cake of your dreams incorporating your colour scheme, ideas and wishes, just call to discuss details with no obligation, one of our highly trained staff will be delighted to discuss your wedding cake with you.

Q. I like a wedding cake on your web site but would like it a different shape, Is this possible?

A. Yes your wedding cake can be any shape you wish, round, square, diamond, heart, oval or even a combination if you wish.

Q. How long can I keep my wedding cake, I would like to hold onto the top tier.

A. Any fruit tiers can be kept for twelve weeks, we don't recommend keeping it any longer than this but it's totally up to you, we have re-covered fruit cake over seven years old

Any cakes created in sponge should be consumed on the day, there are no preservatives added to any of our cakes to prolong shelf life.

Q. Can you make bride and groom figures that look like me and my future husband?

A. Our figures are not sculptures but can be made to look similar in, build, hair/eye colour and clothes etc.

Q. What are your personalised figures made from.

A. We can create your personalised figures from sugar paste, sugar paste personalised figures are attached to your cake and are edible.

Q. Do you send cakes by courier?

A. No, we never send any of our cake by courier, we want you to have a cake in perfect condition and prefer to deliver our cakes personally, wedding cakes are delivered by a fully qualified wedding cake designer.

Q. Do your cakes contain a buttercream filling?

A. Buttercream is a general term for the filling for our cakes but it does not contain butter, we use a vegetable margarine designed to make our fillings lighter in texture and colour.

Q. Do you create nut free cakes?

A. No, we don't create nut free cakes, this would require us to have a seperate kitchen to prvent cross contamination from products we use that are not nut free, sorry.

Q. Do you create gluten free or egg free cakes?

A. No, we don't create gluten free or egg free cakes.

If you have a question you would like to ask, you can phone or email me, we will be able to turn your ideas into reality and create your dream wedding cake. Why not have a look at our wedding cakes and see if there is a design you like at

'You Deserve the Wedding Cake of your Dreams'

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