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Cakes by Ann - Christening Cakes

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Baby Blocks Girl Christening Cake
Baby Blocks Boy Christening Cake
Tiny Footprints Christening Cake
Two Tier Bible Christening Cake
Christening Castle Cake
Baby Blocks Pink
Baby Blocks Blue
Tiny Footprints
Two Tier Bible
Christening Castle
Booties & Footprints Christening Cake
Christening Bow Cake
So Cute Baby Shower Cake
Two Tier Christening Bear
Baby Bedtime Christening Cake
Booties & Footprints
Christening Bow
So Cute
Christening Bear
Christening Castle 2
Christening Church Cake
Gold Bible Christening Cake
Christening Bible Cake
Christening Parcel Cake
Bear & Blocks Christening Cake
Christening Church
Gold Bible
Christening Bible
Christening Parcel
Bear & Blocks
Baby In A Crib Christening Cake
Baby Parcel Christening Cake
Cushion Girl Christening Cake
Cushion Boy Christening Cake
Baby Bedtime Christening Cake
Baby In A Crib
Baby Parcel
Cushion Girl
Cushion Boy
Baby Bedtime
Cross Round Christening Cake
Train & Blocks Christening Cake
Christening Three Tier Cake
Christening Box Cake
Train & Blocks 2 Christening Cake
Cross Round
Train & Blocks
Chistening Three Tier
Christening Box
Train & Blocks 2
Christening Dress Cake
Sleeping Baby Christening Cake
Booties Christening Cake
Bib & Booties Christening Cake
Christening Teddy Cake
Christening Dress
Sleeping Baby
Bib & Booties
Christening Teddy
Stork Christening Cake
Christening cupcakes - pink
Christening Cupcake - blue
Baby Bottle Christening Cake
Christening Train Cake
Giant & Small Cupcakes
Baby Bottle
Christening Train
Baby Om A Blanket Christening Cake
Toy box Christening Cake
Christening Rose Cake
Big Block Christening Cake
Baby Elephant Christening Cake
Baby On A Blanket
Toy Box
Christening Rose
Big Block
Baby Elephant
Christening Star Cupcakes
Christening Star Cupcakes

Cakes by Ann create beautiful Christening Cakes, freshly baked with no preservatives added, using only the finest ingredients.

We can create a Christening Cake to compliment that special day in your babies life.

Our Christening Cakes are for collection or local delivery only, we do NOT send our Christening Cakes by courier.

  • Call us on the number above to discuss your cake with your own cake designer
  • Book your Christening Cake by phone, email or using our secure online payment service.
  • Local delivery.

At Cakes by Ann we understand that you want the very best, that's why we offer the best in quality and service.

Free Delivery on orders over £30 to the following areas.

Glasgow & Clyde Valley
Edinburgh & Lothians
Stirling & Trossachs


'Your Baby Deserves a Special Christening Cake'

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